Ellie BartonHello! Welcome to my little niche on the web. My name is Ellie Barton, and I’ve been a freelance editor of nonfiction books since 2004. I’ve edited over twenty titles for university presses, along with countless articles for academic journals. In the past few years, I expanded my repertoire to include memoir.

I’m the author of two nonfiction books, and so I know what it’s like to write and to be edited. I also know that you, the author, have done the hard work of creating something from nothing.

Where I come in is to take your work from rough draft to polished prose. I feel privileged to join you on this leg of the editor-author journey.

Manuscript Evaluation Editing Writing
I can assess your memoir or nonfiction manuscript and offer specific suggestions for revision. I have the skills to meet the high standards set out by Editors Canada in Professional Editorial Standards. Editors must be good writers. I am a blogger and the author of two nonfiction books.


Choosing an editor who will be the right fit for you and your book can be a daunting task. I hired Ellie for my book Side Effects: A Nurse’s Journey Through Secondary Traumatic Stress because of her experience in editing nonfiction, and her interest in memoir. From the start, I felt that Ellie really understood the goal of my book and most importantly the tone I was hoping to achieve. Her insightful comments were always helpful and she was a pleasure to work with.
—Dorothy B. Wright

A superb copy editor.
—Brian Clarke and Stuart Macdonald, eds., Leaving Christianity

It has been my good fortune to have Ellie Barton as copy editor. Her work harmonizes aspects of form and style, bringing them into conformity with the publisher’s expectations, but more importantly in my view, Ellie offers comments on awkward wording, instances of heavy overstatement, and the points at which the text is quite simply unclear. Her editing has made my Reading Alice Munro with Jacques Lacan a better book.
—Jennifer Murray, University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

We very much enjoyed working with Ellie on the editing process of Cirque Global: Expanding Circus Boundaries. She was a careful, insightful, and respectful reader, always open to discussion but also extremely well-versed in academic writing. Unfailingly professional and a pleasure to exchange emails and ideas with, we warmly recommend Ellie for copy editing and stylistic editing.
—Louis Patrick Leroux and Charles R. Batson

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